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Turbo Tap – 4.75 SL


Turbo Tap – 4.75 SLB – Limited Edition Brass Retrofit

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Turbo Tap – 3.75 SL


The TurboTap T1 is a retrofit for most standard American beer taps:

  • SL signifies our ScrewLock, a modification for a more secure fit.
  • Training is easy & installation is easier.
  • Measure your clearance, the distance between top of your draft glass and the bottom of your current faucet.
  • T1 3.75 SL optimal clearance is between 4 and 5 inches.
  • The T1 retrofit will not work with vertical spout angle faucets, you will need the T2.
  • Let us know how we can help.

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Named one of Time’s Magazine’s Best Inventions, TurboTap utilizes and patented the concept of ‘Laminar Flow’ into the beer tap. Laminar Flow, very simply, controls or optimizes the turbulence created when pouring a draft beer enabling faster pours and less waste.

The TurboTap T1 is a retrofit for most standard American beer taps, just attach and begin saving time and money. The T1 3.75 SL is a slight modification where SL signifies our  Screw Lock that can be tightened for a more secure fit.

Basically, if people might rip you off and steal the tap then the SL is something to think about; in fact, think about it right after you figure out how to stop hiring people who are going to rip you off.

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