The Perfect Pour

You’ve seen it in all the commercials: sighed as the smooth flow of amber liquid, thirsted as the glossy nectar ascends to the rim, and licked your lips in anticipation when the frothy foam forms a cloud that floats atop a perfectly poured beer.

Don’t you wish you could pour beer like that? Every single time?

Pouring Perfect Beer With Science!
We can help you pour that perfect pint of beer! It’s just a question of fluid dynamics. And if you slept through high school physics (don’t worry, so did we) we’re simply talking about controlling the flow of the beer.

To achieve a perfect pour, Turbo Taps controls the flow of your beer all the way to the bottom of the glass. This limits the negative effects of gravity and allows the beer to run from underneath the head. This encourages the server to to pour one way- the perfect way – every time.

With TurboTap, even the most novice servers will learn to pour a perfect beer in seconds!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pour
It all starts with a healthy beer system. You need to have clean beer lines, coupler faucets and TurboTaps. Also, your draft system should store beer at the proper pressure and at the brewery recommended temperature.

The perfect pour always begins with a new glass or pitcher. Then, TurboTap 2.0 will afford you absolute control of the flow of the beer through its bottom-up filling technology. In turn, this will facilitate the proper break out of foam, delivering the brewery recommended ½” to 1” collar on every pour.

The TurboTap 2.0 Advantage
TurboTap 2.0 eliminates turbulence and allows the beer temperature to stay consistent from keg to glass. You see, our system is free of any rubber O-rings that prevent your beer system from chilling your whole faucet. And it can be used on any type of glass as well as pitchers!

What Are You Waiting For?
Every beer you pour should be perfect. A perfect pour guarantees a perfect look and perhaps even more importantly, the perfect taste.

Don’t settle for anything less. Pre-order today!

The TurboTap Experience

You are about to experience something amazing. Something that will absolutely change the way you pour beer.

This is TurboTap 2.0!

turbotapTurboTap 2.0
What is this you may ask yourself? Or perhaps you’re asking how could we have made this any better? Please, please, read on!

TurboTap 2.0 is a patented beer faucet made of high-grade stainless steel. It is designed to combat turbulence and control the flow of draft beer. TurboTap 2.0 can deliver practically 100% yield out of any keg! And you know what that means? Less waste and more profits!

We’ll drink to that.

The TurboTap Advantage
TurboTap 2.0 is designed for permanent installation as a complete faucet. It offers a direct faucet to tower contact that allows fluid temperature to stay consistent from keg to glass. Our fluid dynamic pour system delivers beer to the bottom of the glass, which guarantees a perfect pour every time. And the one-piece casting process minimizes bacteria buildup.

turbo-tap-beerNot convinced yet? Let’s put this in some easy to understand bullet points:

– The standard keg holds 124 pints (16oz) of beer. TurboTap eliminates waste and can pour up to 100% yield.
– Let’s do some quick math:
– 120 beers sold at $6 per beer – $100 keg cost = $620 profit per keg
– Standard Tap: 90 beers sold at $6 per beer – $100 keg cost = $440 profit.
– The TurboTap Difference: $180 in reclaimed profits pays for your TurboTap – on your very first keg!

But wait, there’s more! (We love that saying that)

– Did you know that wasted foam is actually 25% product? Nobody likes wasting beer…
– The perfect pour of TurboTap 2.0 creates the ideal collar of foam (between ½ -1 inch) which provides a more aromatic drinking experience.
– Without the perfect collar of foam, carbonation expands within the stomach and makes the consumer fuller and less likely to purchase another beer. And that just doesn’t do anybody any good.
– The industry standard keg yield is 70% due to foam waste caused by pour turbulence. Please, help us put a stop to this!

You Need This – Now!
Turbo Tap 2.0 can give you a consistent pour every time. Not only that, it will make pouring beer easier for all of your servers. The reliability and dependability of Turbo Tap 2.0 will help to reduce foaming and the time it takes to pour each beer. Now, let’s if we can make this clearer:

Faster service. Less Waste. More Profits.

What Are You Waiting For?
Every beer you pour should be perfect. A perfect pour guarantees a perfect look and perhaps even more importantly, the perfect taste.

Don’t settle for anything less. Pre-order today!

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Way Too Hot for Good Beer

The science of beer drinking is surprisingly evolved. For instance, science has determined that the best serving temperature for most American beers is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Not 37 degrees or 39 degrees, but 38 degrees. That’s how specific and focused our understanding of beer drinking has become!

Interesting, isn’t it?

But keeping your draught beer from becoming too warm is more difficult than you may realize. For instance, if you put a 38 degree keg outside in the hot sun for a few hours, the beer’s temperature will rise by 10 degrees; it will take you 10 hours to get the beer back down to “drinking temperature,” if you put it in a 36-degree cooler.

When beer gets too warm, it can get disgustingly foamy.

To make sure that you get the beer as cold and crisp as it needs to be, follow these steps:

1. Do not allow kegs to stand out in unrefrigerated environments. (Keep the kegs cold especially during transport.)

2. If your kegs will be exposed to sunlight or heat before a big event, get them to that event early, so that you can pre-cool them down using a refrigerator.

3. Keep this list handy: how to prevent beer overheating:

Be on the lookout for glycol cooling system failures;

A dirty condenser coil or condenser coil that has a stuck air flow – clean this coil at least annually, if not more, depending on your usage;

Clean the refrigeration system annually;

Take a look at the temperature setting. Is it set at 38 degrees, or did some numbskull flip it up to 42 degrees or some other setting?

Get feedback from your customers. If the beer is too foamy or too warm to serve, note that and work quickly to identify the constraint. Especially if you serve large quantities of beer at a stadium or large bar, you need to catch and diffuse “overheated beer” problems quickly to keep your customers happy.

Be proactive! Identify potential problems in the refrigeration or transportation process that might damage your inventory.

If your having beer system issues it’s best to call a pro before matters turn for the worst. Call your distributor or contact TurboTap USA. – at or call us at 800-871-3516.

Read more on draft beer temperature support.

NRA Show 2012

The NRA Show produced by the National Restaurant Association brings together 58,000+ industry professionals that are the best of the best.
From hospitality, food service, restaurant, and the most innovative, bringing in new discovery, products, services, and great ideas.

The NRA Show is all about finding cutting-edge restaurant products, services, and education.

TurboTap USA could not refuse the invitation or the opportunity to be part of an elite group of restaurant industry professionals. We will be showcasing our TurboTaps at BOOTH 245. Proving that innovation and science behind your restaurant’s bar can save you a lot of money.

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2012 Nightclub & Bar Trade Show and Convention

2012 Nightclub & Bar Trade Show and Convention
Published February 28, 2012 | By TurboTapUSA
What does 50 cent, Pauly Shore, Dennis Rodman, Lil Jon, Jon Taffer, and TurboTap USA have in common?

We are all going to be at the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show and Convention March 13-14th!
YEEAAH! **Lil Jon Voice**

It’s going to be a blast! If your going to the NCB Convention be sure to stop by and have a perfectly poured cold beer with the TurboTap USA team. We are at booth #601 (see convention map) March 13th-14th.

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Order Your Growler Friendly TurboTap Today! Now accepting advanced orders

We are pleased to offer Craft Brewers the opportunity to acquire the first commercially available Growler-friendly TurboTap.

These Growler-friendly TurboTaps will be offered for a limited time only and will become widely available on our online store in a few weeks.

Order yours in advance today!

Since this a limited term offer and we are only offering advanced orders at this time we are asking our Growler customers to call in to purchase. Thank you.

Please call our sales department at 800-871-3516 to order yours today!

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2012

TurboTap USA is a proud sponsor and participant of the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2012!

For this event only!

We will be selling our new Growler Friendly TurboTaps! If you’re going to the Craft Brewers Conference make sure to come see how science can now pour perfect beer into your growlers. Don’t waste your craft beer!


Industry Taps Southern California as Host of the Brewing Industry’s Annual Gathering, May 2-5

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