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Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2012

TurboTap USA is a proud sponsor and participant of the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2012! For this event only! We will be selling our new Growler Friendly TurboTaps! If you’re going to the Craft Brewers Conference make sure to come see how science can now pour perfect beer into your growlers. Don’t waste […]

Popular Science

“Great Inventions are often responses to simple problems; a thirst-inspired spark of frustration has resulted in the TurboTap, a stainless steel nozzle that pours a beer twice as fast as existing taps”.

TurboTap for Home Brewers

Why would a home brewer benefit from TurboTap? You no doubt heard through the grapevine that TurboTap technology has helped arenas, festivals, beer wholesalers, stadiums, restaurants, and pubs across the nation pour over 30 million perfect beers. If you have been to a big arena game recently, chances are that you’ve had a tasty draught […]

TurboTap, Not Just For Stadiums Anymore.

Why Would a Small Bar or Restaurant Need TurboTaps? Aren’t Those Devices for Stadiums or Other Large Scale Venues? Odds are, by now, you’ve heard through the grapevine about the awesome, uniquely engineered solutions that TurboTap provides for stadiums and other large venues. Large retailers go through enormous quantities of beer, and the managers of […]

Wrigley Field TurboTap Case Study

Wrigley field TurboTap case study. Revenue was up an impressive $90 per keg due to TurboTap’s yield advantage. – Keg yields increased by 15%. TurboTap keg yields averaged 103% due to minimal spillage and the correct collar of foam. – Keg yields at non-TurboTapped locations averaged 87.5%. – Speed of pour increased by 2.5 times.

TurboTap Breaks into the San Francisco Bay Area

What do we mean by “better”? Faster flow rates (As little as 2 seconds per pint); Minimal waste; (Equals more sales per keg) Consistently good looking, good tasting, refreshing beer with a perfect collar. A Wisconsin engineering student, Matthew Younkle, developed this technology, leveraging his advanced understanding of fluid dynamics to make the “beer pouring […]