The TurboTap Experience

You are about to experience something amazing. Something that will absolutely change the way you pour beer.

This is TurboTap 2.0!

turbotapTurboTap 2.0
What is this you may ask yourself? Or perhaps you’re asking how could we have made this any better? Please, please, read on!

TurboTap 2.0 is a patented beer faucet made of high-grade stainless steel. It is designed to combat turbulence and control the flow of draft beer. TurboTap 2.0 can deliver practically 100% yield out of any keg! And you know what that means? Less waste and more profits!

We’ll drink to that.

The TurboTap Advantage
TurboTap 2.0 is designed for permanent installation as a complete faucet. It offers a direct faucet to tower contact that allows fluid temperature to stay consistent from keg to glass. Our fluid dynamic pour system delivers beer to the bottom of the glass, which guarantees a perfect pour every time. And the one-piece casting process minimizes bacteria buildup.

turbo-tap-beerNot convinced yet? Let’s put this in some easy to understand bullet points:

– The standard keg holds 124 pints (16oz) of beer. TurboTap eliminates waste and can pour up to 100% yield.
– Let’s do some quick math:
– 120 beers sold at $6 per beer – $100 keg cost = $620 profit per keg
– Standard Tap: 90 beers sold at $6 per beer – $100 keg cost = $440 profit.
– The TurboTap Difference: $180 in reclaimed profits pays for your TurboTap – on your very first keg!

But wait, there’s more! (We love that saying that)

– Did you know that wasted foam is actually 25% product? Nobody likes wasting beer…
– The perfect pour of TurboTap 2.0 creates the ideal collar of foam (between ½ -1 inch) which provides a more aromatic drinking experience.
– Without the perfect collar of foam, carbonation expands within the stomach and makes the consumer fuller and less likely to purchase another beer. And that just doesn’t do anybody any good.
– The industry standard keg yield is 70% due to foam waste caused by pour turbulence. Please, help us put a stop to this!

You Need This – Now!
Turbo Tap 2.0 can give you a consistent pour every time. Not only that, it will make pouring beer easier for all of your servers. The reliability and dependability of Turbo Tap 2.0 will help to reduce foaming and the time it takes to pour each beer. Now, let’s if we can make this clearer:

Faster service. Less Waste. More Profits.

What Are You Waiting For?
Every beer you pour should be perfect. A perfect pour guarantees a perfect look and perhaps even more importantly, the perfect taste.

Don’t settle for anything less. Pre-order today!