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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Way Too Hot for Good Beer

The science of beer drinking is surprisingly evolved. For instance, science has determined that the best serving temperature for most American beers is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Not 37 degrees or 39 degrees, but 38 degrees. That’s how specific and focused our understanding of beer drinking has become!

Interesting, isn’t it?

But keeping your draught beer from becoming too warm is more difficult than you may realize. For instance, if you put a 38 degree keg outside in the hot sun for a few hours, the beer’s temperature will rise by 10 degrees; it will take you 10 hours to get the beer back down to “drinking temperature,” if you put it in a 36-degree cooler.

When beer gets too warm, it can get disgustingly foamy.

To make sure that you get the beer as cold and crisp as it needs to be, follow these steps:

1. Do not allow kegs to stand out in unrefrigerated environments. (Keep the kegs cold especially during transport.)

2. If your kegs will be exposed to sunlight or heat before a big event, get them to that event early, so that you can pre-cool them down using a refrigerator.

3. Keep this list handy: how to prevent beer overheating:

Be on the lookout for glycol cooling system failures;

A dirty condenser coil or condenser coil that has a stuck air flow – clean this coil at least annually, if not more, depending on your usage;

Clean the refrigeration system annually;

Take a look at the temperature setting. Is it set at 38 degrees, or did some numbskull flip it up to 42 degrees or some other setting?

Get feedback from your customers. If the beer is too foamy or too warm to serve, note that and work quickly to identify the constraint. Especially if you serve large quantities of beer at a stadium or large bar, you need to catch and diffuse “overheated beer” problems quickly to keep your customers happy.

Be proactive! Identify potential problems in the refrigeration or transportation process that might damage your inventory.

If your having beer system issues it’s best to call a pro before matters turn for the worst. Call your distributor or contact TurboTap USA. – at or call us at 800-871-3516.

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Perfect Sandwiches Now Accompanied By Perfect Beer

TurboTap USA has brought our TurboTaps to the best Delicatessen in NYC, possibly the world. Katz’s Delicatessen.

Katz’s Deli has survived in New York City through three depressions and two world wars by maintaining a tradition of quality since 1888. Katz’s Delicatessen wants to maintain this quality not only with their world famous sandwiches but also with their draft beer. They turned to TurboTap USA and we were happy to help such a great historic legendary establishment pour perfect beer for their perfect sandwiches.
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