Attention Man Cavers! Your Man Cave is Incomplete!

Attention Man Cavers! Your Man Cave is Incomplete!

You’ve invested a not-small amount of blood, sweat, treasure, and more sweat into building the perfect man cave. Whether you own a loft or condo designed for luring attractive members of the fairer sex, or you have bedecked a special room in your house with Game Day stuff (e.g. the flat screen TV, yadda, yadda, yadda), you’re missing out on an important – dare we say crucial – detail, without which your man cave will remain fundamentally lacking.

You are missing a TurboTap on your Kegerator!

Why would you want a Turbo Tap in your man cave? Aren’t those gizmos just useful for stadium operators, bartenders, and others who need to process massive amounts of beer quickly – ensuring a smooth, pure pour every time?

Granted, some of the most famous vendors of beers – in the sports world and beyond – leverage TurboTaps to protect their bottom lines and delight their beer drinking, ebullient, bare-chested-with-numbers-painted-on-their-chests customers.

But man cave denizens can also benefit.

Here’s why: What man cave marketers won’t tell you, is that man caves can get pretty gross pretty quickly. Imagine if you invite nine of your buddies over to watch a NFL game on your flat screen. Picture what that place will look after they’re all gone. Trash everywhere right? What about your Kegerator? Think about how that will look. Yuck-ola.

Now switch things around.

Imagine you had a Turbo Tap in place. Not only would you save a significant amount of money on beer, but cleanup will be a HECK of a lot easier.

A TurboTap is also, let’s put it frankly, a great bragging asset. TurboTap looks awesome. It pours far better than your Kegerator probably deserves. And it allows you to feel princely in a way that only the best technologies can.

Find out about a TurboTap solution for your Kegerator at

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