TurboTap, Not Just For Stadiums Anymore.

Why Would a Small Bar or Restaurant Need TurboTaps? Aren’t Those Devices for Stadiums or Other Large Scale Venues?

Odds are, by now, you’ve heard through the grapevine about the awesome, uniquely engineered solutions that TurboTap provides for stadiums and other large venues. Large retailers go through enormous quantities of beer, and the managers of concession stands can leverage the dynamic engineering of our products to reduce waste and foam and ensure a perfect pour every time. Stadiums, concert halls, and other large venues can also use TurboTaps to keep lines moving for the dual purpose of selling more product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

But what about smaller venues, like restaurants and “mom and pop” style bars? Can they, too, benefit from our “perfect pour” capabilities?

Yes. Because it’s not only about speed; it’s about saving money.

As a bar or restaurant owner, you no doubt are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, without degrading your product or the services that you provide. You might not currently notice or care about the amount of beer that you spill on a daily or weekly basis, but take a second and do the math. How many glasses worth of excess foam do you waste every week? How much does that waste cost you? Now multiply that figure by four for a rough estimate of how much you are asting a month. Multiply THAT figure by 12 to get your “yearly waste,” and you will likely begin to see how these small “drips and drabs” are really chewing into your bottom line.

Now, compare the cost of the waste with the cost of purchasing and installing a Turbo Tap solution at your establishment. Remember, that comparison is just for one year. Hopefully, your establishment will last five years, 10 years, or longer. If you plan to be in business for a decade, then multiply your “yearly waste figure” by 10, and THEN do the comparison.

Anyway you crunch the numbers, you hopefully now can see the advantage of deploying a Turbo Tap solution even in a relatively low traffic, “low stress” situation, whether you own a small mom and pop stand, or you just opened a new bar or night club.

Lastly, we are going to leave you with one thought: what do you think differentiates the successful entrepreneurs (e.g. mom and pop restaurant owners, bar owners) from their unsuccessful companions? Is it brains, luck, pluck, or some combination thereof?

Entrepreneurial success is a complicated animal. But research shows that successful entrepreneurs do the small “correct things” — such as avoiding needless product waste — that unsuccessful entrepreneurs fail to recognize are the mission-critical factors that really matter.

Learn more about whether a TurboTap solution is right for your business at turbotapusa.com or 1 (800) 871-3516.