TurboTap Breaks into the San Francisco Bay Area

What do we mean by “better”?

Faster flow rates (As little as 2 seconds per pint);
Minimal waste; (Equals more sales per keg)
Consistently good looking, good tasting, refreshing beer with a perfect collar.

A Wisconsin engineering student, Matthew Younkle, developed this technology, leveraging his advanced understanding of fluid dynamics to make the “beer pouring experience” less annoying and more fulfilling. Thanks to Matt’s insight – and the work of entrepreneurs Michael Manion and Michael Oku – TurboTap has exploded in popularity. The technology has now been installed in 28 arenas and stadiums around the country.

Better Beer in San Francisco

TurboTap is versatile. It can be used in a staggering variety of venues. Here are a few places right here in the San Francisco Bay area where you can find TurboTaps at work:

– DNA Lounge
– Harry’s Bar
– Swig
– The Pilsner Inn
– AT&T Ballpark (larger concessions, not kiosks)
– Campus
– 2am Club (mill valley)
– Blackthorn Tavern
– Pelican Inn
– Owl Tree
– Wish
– Asiento
– Rogue Ales Public House

If you are familiar with the establishments listed above, you will notice that the list includes hotels, bars, night clubs, restaurants, sports arenas and more. You can even use the TurboTap on your home kegerator to get a better keg yield, faster pour, and more consistent head.

Economic Sense

When you crunch the economics, TurboTap just makes sound empirical sense. Say you run an establishment, where you need to pour beer quickly to maximize your profits. You will always run up against the constraint of “how fast can you pour?” The faster you can pour (high quality) beers, the more profit you’ll be able to make during rush times – such as half time at a football game or happy hour.

TurboTap is also wonderful for minimizing waste. Instead of pouring off excess foam – letting profits literally run down the drain – you can rely on the precision engineering of TurboTap to minimize wasted foam and maximize how many beers you can get from a single keg.

Learn more about our fascinating technology, history, and mission at www.turbotapusa.com Irrespective of the size and nature of your venue, we can help you find awesome solutions toyour beer flow problems.

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