Scott Clarkson, Glacier Design Systems

“The stadium world has already seen the benefits; but ultimately, even the independents and mom and pop operators are going to want to eliminate waste”.

It’s now OK to put the tap into the beer.

With stainless steel construction and an antimicrobial coating, the TurboTap will fill a clean glass with fresh beer safely, more quickly, and at an extremely attractive cost/benefit ratio.

Bar Rescue – Spike Network

Television Network Spike has created a new series that focuses on resuscitating bars and nightclubs that are at risk of failure. TurboTap USA is collaborating with the producers of Bar Rescue for the installation of Turbo Taps for these venues. For the tentative airing schedule check with Spike Network for the schedule in your area.

The series has launched and the third episode, scheduled to air July 31st includes a Turbo Chill (prototype) equipped with a Turbo Tap. Three other episodes featuring the Turbo Tap have been filmed. Read more

The Chicago Marathon — Executive Summary

Scope: Ten TurboTaps were installed on a beer caddy in the finishing area.

Training: Volunteers, none of whom had previous draft beer dispensing experience, were trained on site. The training took three minutes.


– Keg yields increased 12% due to minimal spillage and the correct collar of foam.
– 55% more beer (13,760 cups vs. 8,883 cups) was served with 40% less staff in the same amount of time as the previous year, thereby saving labor costs and eliminating long beer lines.

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