The Future of Draft Beer Dispensing is here……..NOW!

The standard beer faucet currently in use was first introduced in 1936. Lots of things have changed since 1936. Are you ready to bring your draft beer system into the 21st century?

Nightclub & Bar Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, March, 2011

Nightclub & Bar Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, March, 2011

TurboTap USA is open for business and has made its first Trade Show appearance at what is considered by many industry insiders as the most important single annual industry event. Our booth included a customized portable bar supplied by Brandstand as well as a functioning Turbo Chill cooler and a dispensing station provided by Glacier Design. All three being equipped with Turbo Taps. The interest in the TurboTap was phenomenal and the response from industry insiders was tremendous with hundreds of Bar owners, managers and bartenders crowding our booth to get more information, to see a live demonstration of our primary product and consider how the TurboTap could enhance their keg yield and pouring times.

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Pour faster, waste less.

The Turbo Tap takes advantage of the natural flow characteristics of beer as it directs the cascading beer to the bottom of the glass with minimum turbulence for a fast fill with a perfect foam collar and little to no waste foam.